"Dearest Tiffany: As I count my blessings this Good Friday, you are at the top of the list. I know your business has weathered many storms in the past years including 9/11, SARS, and even the downturn of the economy in 2000 and 2009. This Coronavirus pandemic is different, and today, I give pause and say thanks for having you and the entire staff at Cruises-n-more as my experienced travel agents.

The present outbreak of COVID-19 has shown my family why we should never travel without utilizing the abilities of an experienced travel adviser. While the COVID-19 has paralyzed the travel industry, you and your team have tirelessly worked with clients, including my family, spending thousands of hours changing travel plans which have been postponed, cancelled and re-booked. I can only imagine the hours you have spent on hold with the cruise lines, airlines, hotels and other booking agents along with working with travel insurance, deposits, etc. You have counseled, empathized and advocated on our behalf. Thanks, will never be enough.

I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I believe your proactive measures will result in all of us returning to travel soon as the mitigation requirements are lifted. You have given us confidence to return!

History shows that greatness rises from the ashes of defeat: The 1918 Pandemic, The Hindenburg, Titanic, Challenger and 9/11. Each of these passages in history are a moment in time where the world took a collective gasp and then realized that we must move forward with collective purpose to make these moments in history count for those who could not move forward again.

Florence Nightingale once said, " Rather, ten times, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore." Tiffany, let none of us be idle. Our family will seek ways to help and support you, a warrior of this pandemic, during your greatest hour of peril. Please know how grateful I am of you, Tiffany Neidhardt! You are a blessing to all this Easter of 2020! As my Irish father said:

May the road rise up to meet you,
may the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

- Irish Blessing


  • C. Smith

"I have emailed you and spoken to you several times over the past five years, but not under the current circumstances in which we all seem to be finding ourselves. Whoever could have imagined this pandemic scenario even six months ago?!

This email is to once again express deep and sincere appreciation for Steven Arterbury. I was aboard the Westerdam in January and February for 30 days, a booking that Steven made. The first cruise, 16 days was wonderful, the second, 14 days, we spent floating around Asia, i.e., the “Westerdam Pariah Cruise.” Of course, HAL promptly refunded the money and gave all of us a future cruise credit that Steven used for a sailing from Seattle to Auckland on the Oosterdam that is supposed to sail on September 27. In the past ten days to two weeks, I got the idea that if the Oosterdam’s sailing was cancelled, I should explore B2B’s in the Med and Trans-Atlantic. Steven booked those two cruises on the Nieuw Statendam as my “Plan B.” He had already booked B2B’s on the Westerdam next spring on a Trans-Atlantic followed by a Med. Throughout this process, he was responded quickly, pleasantly, and efficiently, and of course, he gave me quotes that would be difficult to obtain elsewhere, all the while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism even as he dealt with masses of disappointed, frustrated fellow cruisers.

On Sunday night I sent him an email asking for a quote on the Veendam for a 37-day cruise in the summer of 2021. I am beginning to believe that at the rate things are going in the pandemic, this may very well be the next time I actually step foot aboard a cruise ship and can sail! Steven responded this morning, and he also followed up with a quote in an email about a promotion HAL was offering. He made a reservation for me this afternoon.

None of us is perfect, and I’m sure that Steven is no exception, but as a travel agent in a world that has seen the departure of tens of thousands of brick and mortar travel agencies, he is second to none when it comes to doing his job, and I have been dealing with travel agents steadily since 2001. Please keep my sentiments in mind the next time Steven’s performance is evaluated or the possibility for bonuses arises. Cruises-n-More is so fortunate to have Steven as an agent: He is the embodiment of professionalism!

Be well and stay safe,"

  • D. Fegan

"Want to extend my compliments to your exceptional employee Jackie. She has been amazing throughout this stressful time. When I rebook for next year will remain with her as she is valuable and important to me."

  • J. Lago.

I received great service from both individuals I contacted in recent weeks.

I realize that this is a busy and uncertain time for travel professionals in particular.

Today Monique got me the information I needed regarding canceling a cruise booked for June. She was so quick and professional; I gave me great reassurance that everything would be handled promptly. And it Was!!

I also spoke to Dana at the beginning of the month to see about options with regard to cancelling if necessary. She was able to give me insight into the Cruise line which I was previously unfamiliar with and the information I needed to make a decision.

I will happily book travel with Cruises n more again because of the great experiences I had with Dana and Monique.


  • A. Reed

We’ve used Orlando to book our cruises for years now. He is the very best agent we have ever had. Always gets us the best deal possible. We love him!!!

  • P. & T. Martin

As long-standing clients of CNM, we want to inform you that our experience with Susie Castro over the past couple of years has been outstanding. She is a credit to your company. She has booked three separate cruises for us. In each case she was as helpful and efficient as could be.

In one case this included coordinating our booking with that of friends who had booked with a different agency, including cabin location and dining room table assignment. In all three instances Susie was unfailingly pleasant and cooperative through various changes we made along the way. This culminated in her recent success in persuading Cunard to give us a full refund, as an exception to their stated policy, on our May 31 cruise that has not yet been cancelled by Cunard (although it surely will be).

Aside from all that, Susie is just a lovely person who is a pleasure to talk with. We hope the company appreciates her as much as we do.


  • J. Hoffman

"I'm writing to let you how thoroughly pleased I am with Jackie as my cruise agent...she consistently & constantly goes out of her way to accommodate me in every possible way. You are truly lucky to have such a warm and customer friendly representative. Thanks to Jackie, I don't even have to consider cruise offers from other agencies as Jackie always gets me the best deal and being a school teacher, I'm always forced to travel during peak season.

An extremely satisfied and grateful customer,"

  • R. McCauley


I wanted to send a quick note to say Giovanna Triassi has been great to work with. I've needed to make some changes with my booking as well as apply some FCCs and she has been able to handle it all quickly and efficiently. She always responds to my requests within a couple hours and is able to handle any situation. I hope to be able to work with her for many cruise bookings to come!


  • S. Delaney

"Hello. I just want you to know how much I appreciate Michelle. She is wonderful!! She works well with her clients and the cruise lines She listens and follows through. I know I can depend on her. I can’t say enough about her professionalism, courtesy and overall excellent customer skills. She is an asset to your company."

  • L. Tesoriero.
"We have booked 3 cruises with Steven over the last few days. We are very happy with the service, he has provided. He is very thorough, friendly and helpful. He goes out of his way to give us the best fares possible. He is an asset to cruises- more. Thank you,"
  • J. Fasanella.
"I just want to say how amazing your travel consultant Orlando is. I have never been treated so well. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone. He went above and beyond. He created the most amazing cruise for my family. 5 star service. Thank you"
  • Joseph G.
"Just want you to know that agent Shawn has done an outstanding job with our booking! He is very professional and knowledgeable and we are very pleased with his help! Best agent we have ever had working for you! Thanks."
  • F. & C. Austin.
"This is our first time booking with Cruises n More and I can’t say enough about the wonderful service that we received from Giovanna. Customer Service is the Best. My cousin Jo Ann Fielding has booked many cruises with your Company. This was our first and will not be our last. Thank you."
  • B. Tessier.
"I wanted to provide a note about the superior service I have received from Susie. She is thorough and efficient. Something that I value very much, but is getting more and more difficult to come by. Thank you!"
  • J. Bixby.
"Shawn took care of each of my concerns and managed to truly upgrade my reservations. He did so in a friendly, professional manner. We do a decent amount of cruising. From now on, he’s our man and CRUISES-N-MORE is our agency."
  • G. and A. Schlosser.
"I have booked several cruises with Giovanna including two this week. She has always been very professional, efficient, helpful, informative and friendly. She never makes a mistake and is a pleasure to deal with. I will continue to request her services in the future. She is a big reason why I continue to book with Cruises-N-More."
  • E. Ohare.
"Just to let you know, Susie promptly and perfectly handled our issue this afternoon. She does an excellent job. "
  • J. & J. Johnson.
"Steve was excellent to work with. On the original booking and with working on the upgrade. Super polite and professional. Very aware of what is going on and make the customer feel at ease with everything. And very good at answering questions. Great job Steve and thank you. Over the past several years we have booked many cruises with Orlando. He has not only done a wonderful job, but has always shown so much patience and kindness to us. For that reason and more, we have referred many people to him. We have gone through some very difficult circumstances over the past year, and he has stood by us and supported us with all the help he could possibly give! We have been absolutely blessed by his efforts on our behalf. I believe his diligence and hard work should be recognized and rewarded in whatever way you choose. We wanted to make sure you knew what a valuable employee you have working for your agency!"
  • J. and S. Carter.
"Michelle Del Manzano handled the changes to our reservations extremely professionally & courteously. She really could not have been nicer, which was appreciated in the height of our disappointment. We have been using cruise-n-more for many, many years & plan on continuing thanks to Michelle. My pleasure indeed to pass along a well-deserved “well-done” for Steven’s help. His first class knowledge base was at the center of his competence – no searching around and putting me on hold – he had all the bases covered and delivered an excellent cruise for the wife and I. Many thanks and Bon Voyage. Larry"
  • L. K. Grubbs.
"Just to let you know that Orlando does an excellent job booking our cruises! We have used him several times and service is always great. He is professional and efficient. You are very lucky to have him in your company, he is one of the best!"
  • C. and K. Spath.
"I want to thank Giovanna and Cruises-n-More for great service and prices. I've booked three cruises through Giovanna, including one that is a family reunion cruise with four separate bookings. She has always answered my questions (including contacting HAL when necessary) and processed everything quickly and accurately. When I've emailed her, she's been very prompt in responding. Besides being on top of all the details, she's also very pleasant to work with." I look forward to booking more with Giovanna and Cruises-n-More in the future. Thank you!"
  • B. Bullock.
"Hi, Just want to acknowledge the great service provided by Susie. I just booked a cruise through her. She is very professional, helpful and efficient. It was great to deal with her. Thanks"
  • K. Tan.
"We are in Spain, and Jackie was wonderful in helping us Add some ship transfers for our Cunard cruise leaving Southampton in about 10 days. Thanks"
  • D. & L. Rancourt.
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