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Many cruise lines reward US & Canadian service personnel with exclusive prices on many sailings.

Qualifications For Military Rates

  • Active personnel serving in these branches

    • United States Army
    • United States Navy
    • United States Air Force
    • United States Marines
    • United States Coast Guard
    • National Guard or Reserves
    • Canadian National Defense
  • Retired personnel from any branch listed above

    • Category A Enlisted personnel or
      officers with a minimum
      of 20 years of service
    • Category B Medically retired
    • Category C 100% disabled
  • Honorably Discharged Personnel from any branch previously listed

    • Minimum 2 years of
      service from any US
  • Military Spouses

    • Actively Deployed
    • Deceased Military Personnel

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pricing with this offer (restrictions apply)

Restrictions and Documentation

By choosing this promotional offer you agree one member of the stateroom is 55 or older. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the reservation being re-priced to the lowest available fare for that particular day. In addition, if proof is not presented at the pier, then you will be responsible to pay for any differences immediately or else boarding will be denied.

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We are happy to provide a toll free phone number into our office from locations within the USA and Canada. Additionally, we have toll free numbers for the convenience of those residents of Australia and the United Kingdom.

  • USA + Canada
    Speak to a travel Specialist 800.733.2048 (toll free) Fax: 407.771.0077
  • Australia
    Speak to a travel Specialist 800.076.002 (toll free) Fax: 407.771.0077
  • United Kingdom
    Speak to a travel Specialist 0.808.189.1292 (toll free) Fax: 407.771.0077
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